This year the KIKUTAN Vocabulary Test will be held on Mondays for First Grade, Tuesdays for Second Grade and Fridays for Third Grade.  The test will have 40 questions.  Here are the planned dates for the tests:-

No. 5 Pages  60-69

First Grade on June 11th , Second Grade on June 12th, Third Grade on June 8th.

No 6 Pages 70-82

First Grade on June 25th , Second Grade on June 26th, Third Grade on June 29th.

No. 7 Pages 82-91

First Grade on July 2nd , Second Grade on July 3rd, Third Grade on July 13th.

No. 8 Pages 92-101

First Grade on August 27th , Second Grade on August 28th, Third Grade on August 31st.

Do your best!